Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The portal is customizable, which gives the organizations enhanced flexibility. If you are looking to give this online portal a shot, you can schedule Demo and check what this portal comes alongside it. As mentioned, the online portal is purely designed by keeping security, user experience, and flexibility in mind.
Yes. You can easily upload any document on this portal.
Yes. Every care about the security of the users is taken into consideration while creating this portal. All information you submit here will be secured and won’t be shared with any third party by any means.
There is absolutely no need to panic if you don’t remember your account password. Your account is completely safe on this portal. You can easily reset your credentials by clicking the Forgot Password option just below the text fields where you need to submit your credentials. Then, you will have to submit your email address. The instructions to reset your password will be sent to your email address. Just follow them to reset your account password.
No. There is no provision for creating multiple accounts due to security reasons. One user will be able to create a single account only. Both students and teachers will be getting their account access from the organization’s management system. Thus, there won’t be any room for you to create an account by yourself here.
Yes. The Information of all students is easily accessible.
We provide support services at any time you need. Our support desk is active 24×7
Yes we will provide staff training and we have a online suite of tutorials and videos to help navigate the product.