ProEMS online portal comes with a wide range of features that help simplify education management for all users.


From exams, progress reports, to generating student ranks, everything can be managed easily


The entire attendance register is at the teacher’s fingertips as they can mark and check attendance on this system


Teachers can upload assignments and students can answer them online. The submission deadline date can also be checked


Teachers can upload subject-wise quiz and students can answer them to boost their subject knowledge


Every event like a holiday, class timetable, exam dates, are available in one place


Dashboard helps you to view and access all the features of the system with one click


Management team can generate and upload certificates according to the requirements & template styling


Student-parent-teacher communication has been made seamless. Internally available SMS and email option can be used as a communication mode

File Storage

The documents teachers and admin upload on this portal are secure as it comes with inbuilt storage functionality


Students can ask common doubts and discuss general topics regarding the school. Staff can also participate in the forum

Online Classes

Teachers can conduct online Zoom classes. Lockdown won’t be hindering education at all


Memorable & beautiful moments on the organization’s premises can be uploaded for everyone to see & enjoy


Every latest update & information about the organization can be uploaded for the staff & students to check

Portal Access

The principal, teachers, students, and parents will get login credentials through which they can log in and access the available functions

Progress Notes

Teachers can add remarks internally that are only accessible to them and the principal


Students can ask their doubts to their subject teachers. Teachers can answer these doubts with ease


All compliance & audit reports can be generated online securely and easily

Student Performance Tracking

Students and parents can check reports like class rank, semester percentage in graphical & tabular form

Online Fee Payment

From fee payment to checking the transaction information, everything can be checked & accessed in one place

Finance Management

Everything like the organization’s expenses, audit reports, etc. can be managed & checked smoothly

Daily Progress Report

Staff can track their Daily Progress which is available as report to their manager


Library staff can update and check the information like book issue date, book return date, late return penalty and more.

Transport Management

Information like the vehicle status, driver’s name and contact details can be accessed by parents and school

Learning Portal

Teachers can upload notes and important points topic-wise. Students can search and study them


Students from various classes can be added together as a team and the system enables communication between them