Are you a Teacher?

ProEMS online portal incorporates numerous functionalities which makes it easy for the organizations to manage education at their premises.
Along with flexibility, security is a major reason why organizations invest their trust on this portal.

Current Issues faced by Staff

  • Accessing various information manually takes a lot of time
  • Generating and accessing various certificates is time-consuming.
  • Have to check with the management team every now and then to know the fee details
  • Things like updating the organization’s schedule manually in paper form is tedious
  • Keeping up with exam schedules, results, and much more of all the classes is always tough

Top Modules

Get everything you'll ever need to manage your paperwork.


Everything like the organization’s expenses, audit reports, etc. can be managed & checked smoothly


All compliance & audit reports can be generated online securely and easily

Online Payments

From fee payment to checking the transaction information, everything can be checked & accessed in one place

Daily Progress Report

Principals can track their staff's Daily Progress and run reports for the same


From exams, progress reports, to generating student ranks, everything can be managed easily

Student Performance Tracking

Principals can check reports like class rank, semester percentage in graphical & tabular form at a click of a button

What benefits does ProEMS provide to Staff

  • The need for maintaining the manual records of the staff is eliminated. Be it, adding new staff’s information to accessing existing staff’s information, everything is at the fingertips
  • Student’s information is easily accessible. Everything like the student list, student’s class, or the student’s transfer certificate can be accessed within a few seconds
  • Attendance of both staff and students can be checked within a matter of few seconds just by signing in to the ProEMS online account
  • Updating an event like scheduling a meeting, or festival celebration in the calendar sheet is easy. Thus, no need for typing a circular and sending the printouts to class
  • Details about the library can be accessed by signing in to the ProEMS online account. Information like the fine amount of a student for late book return can be accessed
  • Exam schedules, exam scores, and the overall improvement of students can be easily tracked. The reports on the overall personality development of students are available
  • The portal enables the principal to check out the results class-wise, section-wise, and exam-wise. All they need to do is select the relevant filters
  • Information about the assignments is available. Things like the assigned work, and the date of submission can be checked
  • The fee payment of students can be checked by using various filters by securely signing in